Residential Detox

Our residential detox service provides support for adults who have struggled with substance use and want to be abstinent.

Substance Misuse

If you're aged 18 and over and need support around your drug or alcohol use, our community services can help.

Young People

We empower young people to make healthy choices around their alcohol and drug use – choices important to them.

Families and Carers

Our family and carer service supports those affected by someone else's substance misuse and mental health issues.

Supported Housing

Our supported housing services deliver holistic support to develop living skills and help people to access community services and networks.

Domestic Abuse

Our domestic abuse programmes support the process of change within abusers in order to protect their victims.

About cranstoun

Cranstoun is a charity empowering people to live healthy, safe and happy lives. Our skilled and compassionate teams work with service users, families and communities, helping them to make positive changes. We’ve been making a difference since 1969 by combining our expertise with innovative approaches, and putting people at the heart of what we do.

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Want to find out about the work being done to help treat and support people with #alcohol problems? Join us on Thursday 2 May to share your views and shape our research 👉 https://t.co/UqoZS7LPTp @KingsAddictions @Aimwol @KingsIoPPN

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If you know someone who might be lonely this #Easter, pay them a visit or give them a call. You never know the difference it could make 🙂 #FeedbackFriday

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