Conditional Cautions, West Midlands


The Conditional Caution Programme is a West Midlands Police trial delivered by Cranstoun Arrest Referral Services (CARS) across all Local Authority areas of the West Midlands Police Force Area including, Coventry, Solihull, Birmingham, Sandwell, Walsall, Dudley and Wolverhampton. Conditional Cautions are intended to be a swift and effective means of dealing with straightforward cases where the offender has admitted to the offence and agreed to comply with specified conditions aimed at addressing the cause of their offending behaviour. 

All programmes look at safer drinking levels, triggers, managing emotions and behaviour change. We also cover offence details, victim perspective and police perception.

Programmes offered:


Domestic Violence, Abuse & Alcohol. This programme aims to engage offenders who are arrested for DVA related offences where alcohol is a factor that could be a trigger for further incidents.


Alcohol-Related Violence. Suitable for those who have been arrested for violent offences where alcohol is factor and could be a trigger for further incidents.


Drug & Alcohol Conditional Caution. A pilot that aims to give offenders who are committing lower level crime the opportunity to address any drug and/or alcohol issues that may be influencing their offending and having a negative impact on their health.

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